Keeping Kids Safe Online

The world is fast changing with the massive invention of technology that has enveloped the minds of everyone since the beginning of this millennium. The advent of the information communication technology, the World Wide Web, social media and various instant messaging applications including online gaming platforms has made it inevitable to change how parents and guidance teach and train their kids. Every parent of this present generation must strive to safe their kids from the negative influences of the internet. Every kids now have access to the internet, smart TV, video content streaming and instant messaging applications and a smartphone and through all of these, the kids may be exposed to vulgar attacks, pornography and uncensored sexual explicit contents, abuses and attacks that may involve use of kid’s data given out on chatting applications or on dangerous websites. These attacks are real and kids must be guided away from them by their parents. What then can the parents of this generation do to ensure cyber security for kids? How can parents provide internet for children? Below are the answers to these questions for parents. Read through to understand important internet safety tips for kids.

Teach and Educate Kids on Cyber Security

The first step to creating sustainable cyber safety for your kids is teaching and educating them about the threats, cyber bullying and other vicious attacks kids like them have had to suffer while using the internet through social media websites, instant messaging and gaming platforms online and how they can face same or worse if they neglect your warnings and teaching. Teaching will prevent them from ignorantly giving out sensitive data about themselves and their parents online or engaging in various abuse on the internet. The teaching must include;

How they can securely browse the internet, social media websites, avoid scams and phishing links, secure their email and many others.

Install Control Applications

Kids have a flexible minds and may still swayed away by attractive offers and promises on some internet blogs that is subtly wiling to get as many kids as possible into the their net. This is very possible as many kids even after being taught about cyber security still fall for cheap scams and to avoid and prevent this breach in internet safety for children, an application must be installed on their gadgets and smartphones. These applications will act as parental control for your kids and provide a considerable amount of internet security for kids.

Happy loving family. Young mother and her daughter girl play in kids room. Funny mom and lovely child are having fun with tablet.

Listen to Kids and Ensure Internet Limits

The proven way to understand how your kids fare on the internet is by listening to them and answering every complaints and comments they give. You will easily take cues from these comments and teach them more on internet security for children to better help them stay safe online. Every parent must also guide against internet add

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