A lot of talented contributors are coming together to create the Beware Book Series. The Beware Book’s thriller series follows three friends (Rainy, Haley, and Kinsey) and their adventures in the mysterious town of Danvers. With the help of secret notes from a mysterious writer, the 9-year-old girls team up to take on creepy clowns, monsters and much more.


Mac Hernandez has worked in TV and film for years. When he’s not creating magic for the screen he spends his time conjuring stories and creating art. He has always felt a calling for story craft and is taking his first venture into this with the Beware Books series.

For this series of thrills and adventures, wizards of ink and paint have been asked to help contribute to the visuals of these stories. These artists hail from all around the world.

Imma Secret is a mysterious crafter of words. A lover of story and drama, she lives in the shadows and prefers her peace and quiet. Having never seen her in person some feel she is a ghost.


  • Mac Hernandez – Story Creator & Writer
  • Jeanna Mo – Writing Contributor
  • Nicotoran – Illustrator
  • Diewanze Studio – Illustrator
  • Suhadiyono – Illustrator
  • Rania Mohamed Ibrahim Hassan – Book Cover Art
  • Penny Esterley – Beta Reader
  • Joshua Powell – Beta Reader
  • Stu Mentha – Beta Reader
  • Rina Cox – Beta Reader / Editor