7 Fun Family Halloween Activities

Halloween is the delightful time of year where everyone gets to dress up and have fun. If there is any one group of people who absolutely adore Halloween and all of its thrilling adventures, it is children. Halloween gives kids a chance to explore exciting new ideas and have a ton of fun with their friends and family. This festive time of year is filled with a variety of fun activities to get your family in the Halloween spirit to prepare for a night of excitement and adventure. We’ve brought together this list of fun family Halloween activities that are perfect for kids.

Decorate The House Together

Though we all love to have a good time with decorations for the holiday season, sometimes it can pay off to share this fun with our kids. Sure, it can be rewarding to perfectly decorate your home, but letting your kids get involved is a great way to spend some quality family time. Sit down with your kids and make some custom Halloween decorations, then have fun finding the best place for them.

Decorate the house for Family Halloween Activities

Paint Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is an age-old tradition that has brought families together for years. However, carved pumpkins have a short amount of time before they begin to rot. Painting pumpkins can cut out the sharp tools and make it easy for your pumpkins to stay looking great on the porch.

Group of children decorating Halloween pumpkins

Decorate Halloween Cookies

Just about everyone loves cookies, and there is nothing better than getting to design them yourself. You can easily bake Halloween cookies with your kids or buy one of the cookie decorating kits. Just let the kids have fun and enjoy their delicious treats!

Decorating Cookies

Play “Pin the Spider on the Web”

This is one at-home game that can be a ton of fun for the little ones. It is a spooky twist on pin the tail on the donkey. Just print out a spider web and a cute cartoon spider, add tape to the spider and let the kids see if they can help the spider move home!

Color Some Spooky Haunted Houses

This is one easy activity that will get the kids in the spirit of Halloween. Print out a free picture of a house from a coloring book page online and tell the kids to bring their spooky haunted house to life. Here are some fun activities and coloring pages.

Coloring Haunted House Page.

Make A Tasty Witches Brew

If there is anything kids love, it is mixing potions. Buy a few different kinds of juices and club soda and let the kids mix their very own brews. They might not make the most delicious tasting drink, but they will have fun trying to make an exciting potion!

Make Halloween Drinks – Beware Books

Design Halloween Shirts

One fun thing to do for any time of the year is making custom shirts. With a plain t-shirt and some exciting fabric paint and craft supplies, your kids can show off their Halloween spirit in completely custom style!


Halloween is a fun time of year that brings people closer together. All these activities are great for helping your kids to get in the spirit so that they are full of excitement when Halloween rolls around. Enjoy watching just how creative your kids can get with any of these fun Halloween family activities!

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